We are all puzzles.  Some puzzles are larger than others, some are more complex and some seem to be left unfinished.  We may not always like the pieces that we are given, I know I have a few that I would like to toss back in the box.  But, we have the pieces and we can’t toss them back.  Whether we got the pieces through our own choices or they were handed to us as if in a cruel joke we have to find a place for all the pieces by finding a way to make peace with them.  Or suffer from a scattered, unorganized and unmanageable puzzle.

This blog is my way of trying to find the peace in my puzzle.  I have so many pieces and they seem to be scattered everywhere.  I need to place them once and for all so I can collect new pieces while looking at the picture that is being created.

– Blog authored by Lisa Phommarath

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  1. What an INSPIRATION you are to me, with your writings!! Not only are you a gifted writer, but your courage is greatly admired as you push forward. Having lost grandparents years ago, then my Mom to a slow death from brain cancer, which stripped her of the personality that we all loved, and then my Dad to a sudden heart attack, I can feel some of your pain. My biggest grief is my lack of memory of so much of my childhood, not understanding why I can’t remember so many things that other family members do remember. Thanks for the hope that you are sharing.

      • Lisa, is there a way for me to be alerted whenever you have a new posting? I am a faithful reader, and always look forward to your next post. I spoke with your sister Rebecca this last week, and she said she got an alert or something like that whenever you had a new post. If there is a way to set that up, I would really appreciate that. Keep up the writing, which you are so good at!

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